Easy Exercises for Beginners to LOSE WEIGHT

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Hi guys , If you have read my previous blogs on my weight-loss you must be knowing by now that I am hardcore anti-gym person 😛

Drink water, Yes , this is not the first time I am mentioning this, but you should drink enough water. Some studies have shown that drinking enough water in a day will help you loose weight. I love drinking only warm water/ green tea /infused water. For those who worry about being bloated , keep in mind it is the amount of sodium in your body which determines if you’ll suffer from water retention. So ensure that no matter what, you keep sipping water throughout the day. But remember ” What you eat and drink matters a lot too ” 


So here I share what exercises I do 🙂


  1.  Take the STAIRS – If you have an elevator in your apartment , skip it and climb up those stairs. Climbing stairs is an easy exercise and also one of the best every day exercises. I not only burn calories , but this cardiovascular activity also gets your heart pumping and helps in boosting blood circulation. Its not only good to strengthen and tone your lower body, but overall good for the body 🙂 Try climbing 50-100 steps daily and if you can carry a little heavy bag on your back (optional).
  2. BOTTLE – Whenever you walk around the house , you can always carry 1 litre of water in your hands, this helps in toning your whole hand 🙂 Do simple lifting exercises.
  3. WALK – Walk around your house, below your apartment or at a nearby park for at least 1 hr daily . 1st  15 mins walk slowly ( warm up) , next 15 mins Brisk walk, next 15 mins little slow brisk walk and last 15 mins slow walk. Do this for the first month and later months , 1st  15 mins slow walk , next 30 mins brisk walk and last 15 mins slow walk 🙂 Do simple stretching exercises before you start with your walk . You can even climb if you have mountains nearby . When I do, I climb nearly 6-8 kms daily , but I had started off with 2 for the initial 2 months ( Climbing Hills or Mountains isn’t easy , so start off with less and gradually increase, wear proper shoes suitable for your feet ) Walking or Climbing boosts energy levels and helps fight stress and aids relaxation.
  4.  SKIPPING- Do a little stretching before you start and initially for a month skip not more than 50 and later you can gradually increase. For me I can skip 100 in a minute 😉 expert 😛 , so initially I had started off with 100 and later 500 🙂 If you are weighing more than 70 kgs , please don’t exceed 100 till you come down to 65-70 🙂  It takes me 5 mins to do 500 ,thats if I do it continuously , but I take a break after every 1 minute ,so it takes me 10 mins. 10 mins is quite fast but I get equally tired and drained .Skipping makes you loose double calories compared to walking and climbing 😛 But make sure you have strong knees , ankles , in short strong legs 🙂 According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run. It is a full body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilise the body, legs for jumping, shoulders and arms for turning the rope. It helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure and improves flexibilty. I love skipping totally , it tones your whole body 🙂
  5.  RUNNING- Convert your walk,jog into a run if your health permits. You can always start with 5 mins to 30 mins 🙂
  6.  AEROBICS/DANCING – These movements are energetic forms of exercises and requires every part of your body . This means that the entire body gets a holistic workout. You can simply do it at home if you have done Aerobics before, dancing is easy. There are many videos online that will help you on how to go about it. All you need is great music and space to move around 🙂
  7. STOMACH EXERCISES – Have a fold-able exercise mat , place it on the floor and get into action. Do few stomach crunches and  raising legs ( start with 3  sets of 15 each exercise for a month and gradually increase it to 3 sets of 25) You can do few push ups also for upper body 🙂
  8.  YOGA /POWER YOGA- I wish you go for yoga classes for a month and learn the basics and then start at home by yourself . Yoga is basically non-aerobic. That doesn’t mean it’s effortless. It takes hard work to get into postures. Repeated practice with postures and stretches will get you where you should eventually be. In addition to gaining flexibility, natural strength,glowing skin and good health, yoga can help you lose weight. Simple breathing exercises helps girls get their periods on time. It even helps toning each part of the body. Yoga Makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE ON YOUR BODY. 
  9. BELLY DANCING – I had learnt belly dancing few yrs back and it really helps in toning your tummy 🙂 It is a form of exercise , the more you dance the more you loose calories . So in short it is beneficial for the whole body 🙂

DISCLAIMER – I am not a professional , so what I have shared has personally helped me. 

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