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Climbing Hills makes me lose weight and inches faster than any other exercise.

If  you read my weight loss story , you would know climbing was the only exercise I started off doing religiously. It did help me a lot with weight loss and inch loss too. I love climbing and when I post pictures on my Facebook page showing myself climbing , many of them have asked me whether climbing only helps in losing  lower body. But that’s not the truth. Lower Body obviously gets slimmer and fitter but yes it even has effects on the whole body altogether. My aim is to cover atleast 15-20 kms a week which is more than enough for anyone. Even as a beginner in your weight loss phase. But yes diet also goes hand in hand. I follow Blood Group Diet and the exercises mentioned in the book which helps me get faster results. 

As I don’t have a heavy lower body , my aim to lose inches on my lower body isn’t there. But if you are looking to tone your legs and add some intensity to your normal walking routine, hill walking is something you can start  immediately to see fast results. This will help you to get the shape and definition in your legs that you are looking for. Climbing is a miraculous exercise for lower body. While walking alone can help you to burn calories and lose weight over time but hill walking increases the number of calories you can burn and forces your muscles to do more work. You don’t need a hill to climb, you can get the benefits of hill walking on a treadmill at the gym by using a setting that requires you to walk uphill (Incline). However, the best way to take advantage of hill walking is to find an outdoor area that offers hills in my case atleast because I hate going to the gym and yes I did have a treadmill at home but the fun climbing outdoors is unique. Using the treadmill is fine if you do not have access to hills, but it also puts a lot more stress on your muscles and also does not allow you to get the benefits of walking downhill.


First of all wear comfortable shoes and clothes because it eases your climb. Start with your warm up exercises. I have a video on it, listed right below of the blog. You obviously don’t want difficulty in climbing and causing injury to any part of your body. Like at times, due to heavy body weight knees, calves and ankles will pain miserably , so do start with very less kms in the beginning and then gradually increase. I wear ASICS Shoes  and it  hasn’t caused any injury. Those with heavy lower body , do apply coconut oil between your thighs before climbing or walking because the friction between the thighs gets worse at times and rubs the skin off which will cause a lot of pain ,so do the needy 🙂




By walking up and down hills, you will start to see results immediately. For starters, hill walking helps strengthen the muscles in your legs. Walking uphill and downhill will also help get your entire body into better shape. Unlike regular walking, your heart rate will go up when you walk on hills because your body will need to work harder to do it. This will get oxygen flowing through your body more quickly and help you build up more stamina. What exactly an O Blood Group needs 😉 Hill walking is a great way to get your body into shape. Unlike running, it does not put a ton of stress on your knees or feet. But you need to be sure to stretch properly before you walk hills. Hill walking can help the muscles in your legs to grow stronger and look better in no time. It’s the best ever. I feel total difference on my whole body, specially my hanging tummy and fluffy chubby face 😛 

So what are you waiting for ? Start immediately 🙂 



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