My diet a day before and during PERIODS for GLOWING SKIN and to reduce BLOATING

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I always get deadly mood swings and swelling prior and during my periods. So this diet does help me and might help you too. 1st of all I reduced salt in my diet these days and even if I had salt I use Iodised salt. I even try to avoid lactose and gluten as much as I can and be strict with blood group diet. Blood Group Diet has saved my life , read My Weight Loss Story. Blood Group Diet helps me to glow within days and even feel better health-wise. I feel if one follows it strictly will only see wonders. But at times you can’t follow it super strictly , but try to follow as much as possible because it will only help you. This is from my experience. Prior and during periods ( Menstrual cycle ) My skin gets super irritated with rashes , eruptions , it even gets scratchy. My face and body feels very bloated. It’s a very restless feeling. With this diet not only my skin glows but even I end up losing some weight which makes me feel better health-wise too. I am O + , so this diet is very suitable for me. You can switch and go according to your blood type. 

As soon as I get up I drink 1 glass of Hot Water with a pinch of turmeric in it. 



  • Flaxseed with water
  • 2 Bananas
  • 2 Plumps
  • 2 Figs

Around 12 – 1  warm glass of Green / White Tea 

Lunch –1 bowl of Rice ( throw away the water( starch )  and few veggies and non veg ( air fried )  made with less salt and in Olive oil.

Around 17.00 – Dry fruits in between like Almonds , Walnuts , Pine nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Hazelnuts and so on. 

19.00 – Same as Breakfast 

20.00 – I bowl of ( Hazelnuts , Almonds , Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds )

22.00 – 2 chocolates ( A must for me,chocolate addict 😛 ) 

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Disclaimer – This diet suited me well , hope it helps you too. I ain’t liable if it doesn’t suit you. 

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