My Weight-Loss From 86 kgs to 70 kgs

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Hey everyone , hope you doing fine ?

I thought why not start my first blog post with my greatest achievement. There was a time I weighed 90 kgs and then now 70 kgs. So I wanted to share my weight loss story with everyone. Looking back at my old pictures,literally makes me sad at times. My face looked extremely bloated , eyes weren’t even visible because of my ultra fluffy cheeks , face looks disfigured although cute. The icing on the cake was that I never made myself feel that I was FAT/OBESE. I enjoyed eating just about everything without thinking about my weight. I thought I was the chosen one, may be. My Apa used to nag me like forever. “cuckoo you are so fat and ugly, which boy will marry you” Obesity becomes a major impediment in marriage issues. I didn’t care though. Relatives used to blame my parents “If she doesn’t lose weight you guys will have to give loads of dowry , in-spite of her qualifications” . ” She looks like a man, who will marry her”. My uncle used to tell my mummy ” Rose aren’t you worried about her marriage , just look at her, guys will run away” . Family Friends often asked me ” Cuckoo you don’t want to loose weight? What are u thinking ? and when are u going to start?” and the comments and nags never ended.
But you know what I never cared. I always thought the Man of My DREAMS will always accept me the way I am without degrading me in any form. So I was cool and these comments really never pricked me as such. I was a baby elephant from puberty. My weight had gone up to 90 kgs, except my mummy no one else knows this. My Apa always insulted me regarding my weight, so I thought of not letting him know I weighed 90 kgs. His advice for loosing weight was ‘Just Starve cuckoo’ lol. This advice was the funniest to me ( CUCKOO AND STARVE ) 😛 NEVER!!! 


In February 2013 was the worst phase of my life . I became extremely unwell. No idea how it started. My left Knee and both my ankles had become like a over bloated face of mine (SWOLLEN). I couldn’t walk at all, I was almost paralysed but not paralysed literally. Thank God. My Brother used to carry me to the Toilet  which was really sad, being younger and lighter than me that time was really sad to see him carrying me. The pain was so miserable and unbearable, I just wanted to die and be at peace. I begged Mummy to even take me to Holland and give me euthanasia. ( I got loads of abuses for this from mummy  ) But I just wanted peace from my pain, I just couldn’t take it for a day also. Then I had to get operated , admitted and so on.  My Mummy went through hell during this phase. Without her support, love and care, I don’t think I would have be physically and mentally stable. 

In short MY WEIGHT-LOSS BEGAN. If I had to walk I couldn’t weigh 86 kgs anymore ( by now I lost 4 kgs )  With depression I lost my appetite and was just eating so that I could have my medicines. Mummy started giving me warm Barley Water to reduce the swelling on my legs and YES barley water helped me big time with weight-loss which I no longer take.  By end of February I became 78 kgs from 86 kgs.


  1. 8.00 am – BREAKFAST- A Bowl of Strawberry Flavoured Oats 
  2. 10.00 am – A Fruit ( apple, pear)
  3. 12.00 pm – 1 glass of Warm Barley Water 
  4. 1.00 pm – LUNCH – Bowl of White Rice, dal/rasam and vegetables.
  5. 4.00 pm – A Fruit 
  6. 6.00 pm – A litre of Warm Barley Water 
  7. 7.00 pm – DINNER- Same as LUNCH
  8. 9.00 pm – A glass of Warm Barley Water .
  9. As for EXERCISES , I couldn’t do any . If I had little energy I did a few breathing exercises.

I continued this diet for the Month of March also . I started walking and didn’t find it too difficult, I felt little good. I being such a Self-Obessed girl , didn’t look at myself for the whole Month of February. When I finally looked at myself in March I looked like a Bear- thick eyebrows, moustache and little beard too. It was a horrifying sight for me, but on the positive side my face looked less chubbier and skin was glowing. I didn’t take care of my looks at all , but my skin was still glowing , I thank Barley Water and the Healthy Food My Life (Mom) prepared specially for me.

Mid March – I started walking  for 15 mins a day and started doing few Tummy and Breathing exercises.

April ,May , June – DIET WAS ALMOST THE SAME ( Started with chicken and fish),  WITH LITTLE CHEATS HERE AND THERE (sweets). What I stopped was Binge Eating. Fried dishes was a Big No No to me . I started climbing ( started with 2 kms and it went upto 8 kms, Power Yoga and Tummy Exercises too. I started with Avataa Green Tea and this does wonders.  CLICK ON THIS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE GREEN TEA . Daily I used to have  1 Litre of Warm Green tea. Though now I have reduced the intake. 

July I became 75 kgs – Diet was the same, I completely stopped rotis in my diet ( because I love Rice) , NO WHEAT WAS INCLUDED IN MY DIET AT ALL AND LATER I REALISED THIS WAS THE REAL MAGIC. I stopped with Barley Water for now. 

September – I was going through my Books and Luckily I found this old Book .

THIS IS A BLESSING FOR ME. I realised why was I loosing weight when I stopped WHEAT ( GLUTEN ) . This book helps you understand ,whats right for your blood group and trust me guys I have followed it and saw a major difference. 

October – Same as the above . If I don’t want to a eat a meal I have Healthy Drink


I stopped Pulses totally , Certain Fruits , Vegetables also and included few new ones in my daily diet. Included Plums , Prunes, Walnuts and so on according to my blood group. 

I am following a good healthy Diet with few Sins once in a while and I am fine. 

I weighed 70 kgs then ( November 2013 )  and woohoooo I am happy.


 I thought I would’nt be able to walk anymore.  Jesus and My Mummy proved me wrong.

Relatives STOPPED NAGGING ME and they don’t want me to loose weight anymore . 

But you know what I don’t care for their feelings.  I AM HEALTHY AND THAT WHAT MATTERS and if I feel the need to lose more weight I will.   

I feel happy, blessed and content with life.

My old clothes/pictures makes me laugh at times.  My life was the saddest in the Month of February . But never-mind – Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Lining and I could see mine. 

At times ,My Mummy couldn’t recognize me. I love my Apa for insulting me but I didn’t care . Had I listened to him and took his insults seriously , I wouldn’t have gone through the worst phase of my Life but never-mind as I always say BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. 

I thank my Mummy the most for everything, I just cant do without her. In February I avoided talking to any friend, relative and so on. Just stopped contact with all my dear and near ones and I became close to Jesus, daily I used to talk and cry to him ” why has this happened to me. Am I cursed ? Black magic “. I was full of negative thoughts that time. 

Jesus guided me and helped me to be positive with Life.

10 more kgs to go. My aim is to become 60 kgs one day. 

I hope I helped a few with my story and remember this ” GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES ”  LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS FOR READING.



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11 thoughts on “My Weight-Loss From 86 kgs to 70 kgs

  1. Your story really motivates me. Heart Touching story. You and Rose Aunty are really so strong. My Best Wishes are always with you.

  2. wow!!! truely inspirational n to turn a bad phase in ur life into a chance of bringing drastic changes just not in your mind but body too is simply wow…God bless you girl n Bless ur mom who is ur Angle n keeps guidg u..

  3. bohot jyada inspiration milaa.. thnkz for diet u di.. stay happy n healthy alwys… ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  4. Hey priyanka i realy feel sad. Ua such a brave girl. Shyd mein apke place pe hoti toh mar jati. Mera weight 63 kg hai phir b mujhe sab log mote mote bolte hai. Yaar I salute u. Dats y I realy love u dear

  5. You are a super girl my dear stay blessed and help everyone with your best tips.
    Always support you my dear. Thanks for inspiring us always🙏❤️😘

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