I totally believe that what we eat and drink shows on our skin , hair , overall health and what we apply externally is just for maintenance. I love consuming super foods, new foods , magical drinks and so on. I love experimenting and getting all the benefits out of it from within. Each and everything I share has always been really useful to most of us. Today what I will be sharing is something new to me and even better is the taste 😛  Within 10 days I have seen a difference on my skin. 

On our recent trip to Seoul , South Korea. We came across Ginseng which we already knew about. But if you don’t know what’s Ginseng – it’s a species of slow growing perennial plant with fleshy roots , belonging to the Genus Panax of the family Araliaceae. In short it’s a medicinal herb which has numerous benefits. Ginseng is basically good for overall health. 

We saw  a lot of Ginseng on the streets of Seoul. Now what I consumed is the Korean Ginseng which is also called as Red Ginseng and is derived from the same species of plant as Chinese or  White Ginseng  or  Parax Ginseng. The prominent difference is that Korean Ginseng is steamed after drying and given a red color. We were in search of good quality Red Ginseng. We did see them a lot in Namdaemun Market but was a little skeptical about purchasing it as it’s on the expensive side. After a lot of searching around, we decided to buy it from the health store in Lotte Department Store which was just below the hotel we stayed in – Hotel Lotte. There was a lot of variety and in different forms too. Some of them were pills, gel, liquid and so on. 

We were totally confused as to which one to pick up. So finally after several tastings , I picked up this for my bestie and myself. 


Benefits of Red Ginseng OVERALL

  • It is supposed to give Instant Energy Boost.
  • It lowers Blood Sugar.
  • It Controls Cholesterol Levels.
  • It Reduces Stress & Anxiety.
  • It Calms you down.
  • It Promotes Relaxation.
  • It Treats Diabetics.
  • It Treats Sexual Dysfunction in Men.
  • It helps to strengthen Immune System.
  • It is supposed to cure Cancer.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for the SKIN

  • It’s excellent to reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • It has anti – ageing properties because it has so many Phytonutrients.
  • It even tones your Skin and Brightens it.
  • It brings a Natural Glow to the skin.
  • It softens the skin.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for the HAIR

  • Because Ginseng helps to reduce stress.
  • It may promote Hair Growth.
  • It may reduce Hair Loss.
  • In short it might help with a Healthy Hair.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for Losing Weight

  • No one actually believes that Ginseng does help in Losing Weight.
  • It gives an Instant Energy Boost and can help fight Fatigue.
  • This indirectly helps the person to be more active. 
  • The more active with the right diet speeds up the process of losing weight. 

In short it is very good for us , most importantly because it has Anti- Inflammatory Properties. 

This was liquid in consistency, pitch black , shiny in color and tasted very bitter. It came with a spoon with it and that was the quantity we had as soon as we got up in the morning. 

How do we consume it ? 

I take a spoonful of it and consume it. After putting it in my mouth, I drink a a glass of Hot Water. Same does my bestie too. 


I am having this from the past 10 days and trust me , My skin feels so soft , healthy and nourished.  Not like how it happens otherwise. This feeling is different. My skin feels and looks different. I am more energetic and I do feel a difference with my newly grown hair too. But it’s too soon to actually give a verdict, so stayed tuned and wait for another month so that I can give the final verdict. As of now, I consume it daily on empty stomach and my bestie is also doing the same. I am waiting to see more useful benefits of Red Ginseng on myself and my bestie. My parents and brother are having Red Ginseng in the form of a gel which they consume before meals. 


As for the price , it starts from 100 USD ( approximately 6400 INR ) for a pack. Depends on what brand and quality you chose. We randomly picked up. 


I hope you liked my useful blog. If you did please leave a comment below and share the blog with your loved ones. You never know who it might help. 


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