I totally believe that what we eat and drink shows on our skin , hair , overall health and what we apply externally is just for maintenance. I love consuming super foods, new foods , magical drinks and so on. I love experimenting and getting all the benefits out of it from within. Each and everything I share has always been really useful to most of us. Today what I will be sharing is something new to me and even better is the taste ūüėõ ¬†Within 10 days I have seen a difference on my skin.¬†

On our recent trip to Seoul , South Korea. We came across Ginseng which we already knew about. But if you don’t know what’s Ginseng – it’s a species of slow growing perennial plant with fleshy roots , belonging to the Genus Panax of the family Araliaceae. In short it’s a medicinal herb which has numerous benefits. Ginseng is basically good for overall health.¬†

We saw ¬†a lot of Ginseng on the streets of Seoul. Now what I consumed is the Korean Ginseng which is also called as Red Ginseng and is derived from the same species of plant as Chinese or ¬†White Ginseng ¬†or ¬†Parax Ginseng. The prominent difference is that Korean Ginseng is steamed after drying and given a red color. We were in search of good quality Red Ginseng. We did see them a lot in Namdaemun Market but was a little skeptical about purchasing it as it’s on the expensive side. After a lot of searching around, we decided to buy it from the health store in Lotte Department Store which was just below the hotel we stayed in – Hotel Lotte. There was a lot of variety and in different forms too. Some of them were pills, gel, liquid and so on.¬†

We were totally confused as to which one to pick up. So finally after several tastings , I picked up this for my bestie and myself. 


Benefits of Red Ginseng OVERALL

  • It is supposed to give Instant Energy Boost.
  • It lowers Blood Sugar.
  • It Controls Cholesterol Levels.
  • It Reduces Stress & Anxiety.
  • It Calms you down.
  • It Promotes Relaxation.
  • It Treats Diabetics.
  • It Treats Sexual Dysfunction in Men.
  • It helps to strengthen Immune System.
  • It is supposed to cure Cancer.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for the SKIN

  • It’s excellent to reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • It has anti – ageing properties because it has so many Phytonutrients.
  • It even tones your Skin and Brightens it.
  • It brings a Natural Glow to the skin.
  • It softens the skin.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for the HAIR

  • Because Ginseng helps to reduce stress.
  • It may promote Hair Growth.
  • It may reduce Hair Loss.
  • In short it might help with a Healthy Hair.


Benefits of Red Ginseng for Losing Weight

  • No one actually believes that Ginseng does help in Losing Weight.
  • It gives an Instant Energy Boost and can help fight Fatigue.
  • This indirectly helps the person to be more active.¬†
  • The more active with the right diet speeds up the process of losing weight.¬†

In short it is very good for us , most importantly because it has Anti- Inflammatory Properties. 

This was liquid in consistency, pitch black , shiny in color and tasted very bitter. It came with a spoon with it and that was the quantity we had as soon as we got up in the morning. 

How do we consume it ? 

I take a spoonful of it and consume it. After putting it in my mouth, I drink a a glass of Hot Water. Same does my bestie too. 


I am having this from the past 10 days and trust me , My skin feels so soft , healthy and nourished. ¬†Not like how it happens otherwise. This feeling is different. My skin feels and looks different. I am more energetic and I do feel a difference with my newly grown hair too. But it’s too soon to actually give a verdict, so stayed tuned and wait for another month so that I can give the final verdict. As of now, I consume it daily on empty stomach and my bestie is also doing the same. I am waiting to see more useful benefits of Red Ginseng on myself and my bestie. My parents and brother are having Red Ginseng in the form of a gel which they consume before meals.¬†


As for the price , it starts from 100 USD ( approximately 6400 INR ) for a pack. Depends on what brand and quality you chose. We randomly picked up. 


I hope you liked my useful blog. If you did please leave a comment below and share the blog with your loved ones. You never know who it might help. 


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